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Overall, this project provided an extremely valuable hands-on experience on how to disassemble and reassemble a device as well as how to use computer aided design (CAD) to virtually build and assemble parts of the product. More specifically, this class taught us how to use Creo 5.0 to model the driver gearbox and how to analyze the multi-stage epicyclic gear train in terms of its gear ratio and pitch diameters. 

From a personal perspective, the most interesting thing about this project was inspecting the interior mechanisms of a household item. Being able to see the parts that make up the function of a practical tool in person without losing the ability to reassemble them was a very fun task. Lastly, the ability to put together all the skills that was taught by this class and apply it on a product designed by our own professor was incredibly useful and relevant. 10/10 would recommend this class.

Thank you Professor Zink and all the LA's in ME 359 for teaching me these helpful skills!

- Vicky Luan

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